About the Archetypos Project

Mission and Purpose

Archetypos is a spiritual organization that teaches skills to empower people to take control of their lives and live a positive, meaningful existence independent of traditional organized religion.

“We are a place for those that are spiritual but not religious.”

Our mission is to bring people together by looking past the false barriers that separate society such as religion, politics, economics  and racial issues. We wish to find common ground on which to build a foundation for the ENLIGHTENED HUMAN CONDITION free from dogmatic exclusion.

Archetypos is a 501(c)(3) Church organization in Denver Colorado focusing on community creation and spiritual development independent of traditional organized religion. We welcome members of all faiths and do not impose conversion or abandonment of your beliefs in any way.

We feel that all faiths have important messages to be heard but work towards building a community that does not exclude others because of their beliefs or lack thereof. We celebrate learning about ourselves, others and the cosmos through fact based information and community outreach programs to expand our minds and to help those in need. We embrace cosmology, psychology, science and scientifically rooted spirituality based on Jungian teachings.

Participants learn to co-create their lives and their future. “Co-create” here means to understand and embrace consciously the alternating light and dark phases of life and harness them instead of attempting to mask them with religious safety nets. This philosophy becomes even more relevant in the face of life threatening events for those that do not subscribe to traditional theological beliefs.

Donations are tax deductible and are used for outreach and humanitarian missions.