We are building a field hospital for Standing Rock

Important Update.
Camp organizers have asked us to wait.

Conditions have changed so we will be postponing our mission to Standing Rock..

Due to the weather and changing conditions on the ground
the camp organizers have asked us to change our direction and pass along this message.

There is a lot of confused messages about the situation right now. So we reached out
to several people that are now at or have recently returned from the camp to get reliable details.

With the massive influx of well meaning vets and others the camp is being overwhelmed in many ways. The help is very much needed and appreciated of course. Unfortunately the unanticipated results of these factors are causing serious issues due to the crippling winter blizzard. With temperatures hitting -20 degrees there are many that are in no way prepared to survive in these conditions. Those that were dug in and prepared before this storm and influx of people have had to bear the brunt of lodging and feeding many people causing a strain on their space and resources.

There have been massive efforts to keep people from dying from exposure by moving people out of the camp to local hotels, casinos and schools. The food supplies at even these locations have run dangerously low. Road conditions are even worse. We have been informed that the roads are impassable at some points by large vehicles or small cars without 4 wheel drive. Even many vehicles with great tires and 4 wheel drive have fallen victim to the ditches that line the route to the camp.

Next steps for us

In light of this we realized the bus would not have a chance to make it through.

With such a small crew of 3 people taking this on we would not be able to contribute in a meaningful way. With the need of a small army we would require to setup the field hospital in blizzard conditions we realize we would be more of a burden to already stretched resources at this point.
We will wait on word from them to let us know how we can help the most.

The overwhelming message I received from those on the ground is “this is not over!” There are SEVERAL pipelines and huge environmental atrocities happening all throughout the country. We will continue to support the people at Standing Rock in any way we can but there is a great momentum that we need to continue. There are many other people doing great work to support human and environmental issues and rights locally.  We plan on helping by supporting these people and attempting to reach out to both sides to find common ground and resolution. There is no US/THEM.


They have also informed us that there is a glut of donations that are not appropriate for the needs of the camp. Again completely appreciated but just not useful for the existing situation. Any clothing that is not suitable for sub zero conditions will not be used. They have a large amount of this type of clothing that is sufficient for the foreseeable future. All appropriate items we have will be shipped to the camp. Fortunately we will still be able to make use of these other items locally. Denver has experienced a massive homeless relocation project that has left many with no winter clothing and supplies. We will be announcing a Denver clothing project in the near future so keep an eye out if you would like to join us.

We have collected a small amount of cash that will be donated directly to the camp in the donor’s name. I would like to post a full accounting of the project with their names as a huge thank you for supporting our work. If you donated cash and do not wish for your name to be posted please contact me and I will leave as anonymous. We have absorbed the cost of the actual tent itself so we will hold on to it and it will be used for our programs and healing ceremony work in the mountains this spring. Thank you all for the support and well wishes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated on changes as they develop on our end.

Our mission is to bring people together and remind everyone that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

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