Humanitarian Supply Mission to Standing Rock leaving December 9th

We will be packing a giant bus with everything that we collect over the next few weeks. We are asking everyone to please give what you can and then spread this message to everyone you know.

All cash donations are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

This is a call to action for all that are concerned about the situation in North Dakota at the Standing Rock Reservation.

There have been disturbing actions taken against the native people and their sacred land. The United States Department of Justice has ordered the Pipeline builders Energy Transfer Partners Inc. to not drill under Lake Oahe. They have ignored this lawful order and plan to move forward against the law, the native people that will be affected by this and millions across the country that stand in solidarity with the tribes and surrounding community.

We are issuing a call to action of anyone that wishes to join us on this mission or support it in anyway possible. They will need extensive assistance to sustain this massive fight against a giant corporation with endless resources. Please help us collect supplies, money and community support for this urgent cause.

Contact me here for donations and pickup or drop off arrangements or click the “donate” button below.


Limited edition T-shirt with a $50 donation.

Donations of $50+ will receive a limited edition T-shirt

Right now the most pressing needs are:

    • People to commit civil disobedience to stop the pipeline, and be arrested. There are urgent calls for as many people as possible to come and take part in direct non-violent actions.
    • People who can help with the physical labor of preparing for the winter. This includes moving equipment and supplies to the winter camp sites, building structures, sorting donations, and much more.
    • Lawyers who can join the legal support team and be observers of police conduct.
    • Media people who can document the water protectors’ peaceful prayers and resistance, and police conduct, and can risk arrest.
    • Skilled medical workers, especially with more advanced training, including EMTs, nurses and doctors.

If you can’t participate in any of these ways, assess what resources you have to offer and whether they will add more resource to the camp than your presence will use up. Some other useful roles include artists who create banners and signs for the actions, bodyworkers and other healers and people with construction skills.

Consider whether you would be more useful raising funds, organizing shipments of supplies, organizing support actions such as die-ins, flashmobs, demonstrations, guerilla theater, and phone and email campaigns, doing media work, creating and sharing art about Standing Rock, educating people around you, putting public pressure on investors, the Department of Justice, local and national politicians, sheriff departments being mobilized to support the pipeline and North Dakota state officials. This work is just as important as the work on site and may be a better fit for you.

Please share this as much as possible.

The bus leaves for Standing Rock on December 9th 2016.



This list of needs was created by Solidariteam, a collective of trainers. Creative commons (cc)


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