Our Project Mission

To bring people together by looking past the false barriers that separate society such as religion, politics, economics and racial issues.

Reach out to others

Providing volunteer opportunities with meaning. Helping others is healing for you and can change the lives of those that need it. Just one weekend of your time can create a new reality for those less fortunate.

Create opportunity

Spiritual growth. We look to create opportunities for you to learn what this means for yourself. Then help you share that with others so that we learn together.

Build Community

Creating unique events centered around bringing people together on a deeper level. The extended family of a church without the dogma and exclusion.

Open source

Open Source Spirituality is a new way of thinking about what it means to be human. We welcome you to be part of the conversation about what a spiritual organization should be.

About Us

What is the Archetypos Project and Connected soul?

The Archetypos Project is a 501(c)(3) Church organization in Denver Colorado focusing on community creation and spiritual development independent of traditional organized religion. We welcome members of all faiths and do not impose conversion or abandonment of your beliefs in any way. We believe that we are active participants in our own destiny. Our programs are designed to help restore our sense of direction, purpose, and empowerment as well as bring people together. We believe that science is a theology and that the universe is part of us and we of it. Connected Soul is the community outreach organization that helps bring events and activism to the organization. Join us on our mission to bring happy to all that would like to receive it.

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